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Cyprus Citizenship by Investment

Posted on: 9/28/2017 6:30:08 AM under General News

Cyprus is an attractive location for the development of entrepreneurship and a distribution hub and gateway to investment in the European Union, Asia and Africa.

The natural beauty of Cyprus, the local hospitality and the warm climate fused with the very attractive business and tax regime, constitute Cyprus as one of the advantageous jurisdictions for business people.

Ensure the Cyprus citizenship fast, easy and enjoy all the benefits of EU passport.

Once the Cyprus passport is acquired, everyone has the option not to permanently reside in Cyprus, thus not becoming a tax resident.

 Advantages of Cyprus Citizenship

  • One of the faster Citizenship program in Europe.
  • Citizenship based on investment without any element of donation.
  • It provides all the rights of a European citizen including work, study and travel everywhere in Europe.
  • Tax residency based solely on number of days stays in Cyprus each year (183 days).
  • Dual citizenship is permitted.
  • Investment can be disposed after a three (3) years period.



 Cyprus for business

  • EU member
  • International Business Center with high level professional services
  • Attractive banking system
  • Low cost setting up and maintain business substance

 Cyprus for residency

  • Low crime rate
  • Excellent Mediterranean weather
  • High standard schools and university
  • Modern infrastructure of marinas and airports


Citizenship by investments Option Guide

1. Investment in immovable Property and infrastructure projects.

  • It refers to residential or commercial or development of property.


2. Acquisition or incorporation or participation in Cyprus Companies.

  • Investor can purchase incorporate or participate in companies which have physical activities in Cyprus.


3. Investment in alternative investment funds, financial assets or Cypriot Businesses.

  • It is financial assets such as bonds, debentures of Cypriot business or organisation which is licensed by Cysec (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).


4. Combination of the above options.

  • It can be investment in any of the 3 option above.